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Living in the Netherlands, Retain has grown up in a country that has produced many international DJs like Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren and many more. Started as a dance producer and DJ, his music now touches the lives of many people worldwide, with millions of streams and his presence on major stages.


Who is DJ Retain

Over the years, Retain has collaborated with various artists and released a range of songs. He achieved millions of streams with remixes such as ‘Ever Be,’ ‘No Longer Slaves,’ and ‘Break Every Chain’. He regularly releases new worship remixes and original songs. In August 2021, Retain released the mini-documentary ‘GOD IS A DJ’ on YouTube, exploring his perspective on dance music and religion. The track ‘Open Arms’ is the result of this process.

Discover the rhythm
From a young age, Retain had a great love for music, as a child he used to listen to music with his ears close to the speaker. He started making music himself: drumming, playing the piano, guitar and making music on his computer in his attic. Various genres inspired him, but “when I discovered dance music, I was immediately hooked.” In the worship genre, he favored Newsboys, TobyMac, and later Capital Kings. When he started exploring dance music, DJs like Avicii, Armin van Buuren en Tiesto really stood out.

Using software that the biggest DJs used, he began experimenting with dance music at a very young age. “Hours and hours of experimenting, tinkering, amazing!” A lot of practice and listening back ensured that his music sounded better over time. His musical journey started gradually immersing himself in the dance world. Retain connected with other DJs, including the then relatively unknown Martin Garrix, who gave him a golden tip: producing is the most important because DJs are known for their tracks, not just for their skills. “I started producing a tremendous number of songs.”



“Welcome to the family”
That started to get noticed. At a certain point, several major record labels were interested. A chance for a career in mainstream dance music, a contract with a major music label, and his own management were possible. This made him think at a young age: “Do I want to make mainstream dance music, tour a lot and live in the night?” He followed his heart and decided to focus on Christian dance more and more. He started turning well-known worship songs into dance tracks.

He continued making music and improving. Together with Reyer, he created the song ‘Break every chain,’ which has over 2 million views on YouTube. Getting further into the music scene he got in touch with Bart van Houten, who was mainly focused on hip-hop, but was very interested in working together with Retain, specifically for Christian remixes and dance music.

Signing a management contract with Bart and a publishing contract with Armada Music Publishing from Amsterdam was a special moment, especially as Retain later met Armin van Buren. He was recording his radio show ‘A State Of Trance’ and gave Retain a warm welcome, saying "Welcome to the family." Retain truly sees a wink from God. "As if he's saying, 'See, I take care of you!"

Source of life
In addition to a deep passion for dance, he has a profound belief in God. Jesus is the source and inspiration for every song he creates. "God gives life. Everything I do is ultimately for Him." Therefore, Retain aims to create dance music that flows from life — an accessible way to spread the beautiful message of God.

Happy, emotional, dynamic
Retain's songs are characterized by a good beat and a summery vibe. They make you happy and energetic while carrying a deeper meaning. You can blast his music in the car, but it also serves as a moment of calm. He wants his music to touch people, inspire them, and make them think. ‘With my music, the melodies and the deeper message in it, I hope I can inspire people, get them to think about life and maybe see something of the love of God.’ says Retain. ‘For me being an artist is the ultimate way to share my passion for Jesus and dance music.

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