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Retain drops merchandise, now available

Have you been on the lookout for a stylish yet meaningful way to express your love for Christian dance music? Well, you're in luck because Retain has just dropped some exciting news: the launch of his brand new merchandise line!


A cozy cream hoodie and a sleek black t-shirt, both with the iconic Retain logo. Not only are these pieces perfect for showcasing your support for your Retain, but they also embody the Christian EDM scene and love for christian dance music. Retain: ''I'm very happy to finally drop my own merchandise, standing for quality and fair conditions, that's what I want to stand for as an artist. It would be great if people have to pick a clothing item for the day from their closet and pick those items, because they just love to wear it because of the values and high comfort.'' 

Fair, sustainable christian clothing
What sets Retain's merchandise apart? It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling good too. These aren't your average clothing items - they're a statement of your values. That's why Retain choose for this merchandise ethical and sustainable fashion.

So, what exactly makes these products ethical? They're made from organic cotton. That means no harmful chemicals or pesticides were used in the production process, ensuring a healthier planet and a cleaner conscience. Also the clothes are made in fair and safe working conditions for all employees, from the cotton fields to the factory floor. The clothes are GOTS, OCS Blended, OCS 100 and Oeko Text certificated.

By choosing Retain's merchandise, you're not just supporting the artist; you're supporting a movement towards a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry. You're saying yes to clothing that reflects your faith and values, inside and out.

Get your Retain merchandise now
So why wait? Join the Retain Family today and let your clothing be a testament to your love for christian dance music, the christian community, and the planet. Get your cream hoodie here and your black t-shirt here. Enjoy!

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